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"Titan OCR allows me to stay motivated to constantly become stronger and be the best version of myself" - Kyle Conradie

What We are All About

We promote the amazing sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

Getting people stronger, more committed and just being overall champions in life.


We achieve this by getting people active and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Providing people with a weekly OCR with a timing system and a tribal system makes it easy to track progress and stay motivated.

Connecting with the people at Titan OCR will quickly make you realize that it is more than just an Obstacle Course. It gives people the opportunity to connect with other people and create a sense of community. 

Check out all the crazy benefits you can unlock by participating in an Obstacle Course Race:

How Titan OCR can Change Your Life

1. Titan OCR gives people a reason to live a healthier lifestyle.

Being able to set goals and track progression is absolutely key for constant motivation to get active and live a healthier lifestyle.

Our tribe system and timing system allows people to have something to work towards and see their progression along the way.

2. We create a sense of community.

The Titan OCR family is super supportive. Our ''tribes'' support each other and everybody wants everybody to succeed and become better.

3. We get people active.

Titan OCR get people out of the office and into nature, connecting them with the present moment.

4. The Obstacle Course brings you back to earth.

You can be fast and you can be strong, but being able to perform on the Obstacle Course demands a healthy balance between the two.

5. Beneficial for brain growth.

Running an Obstacle Course is not all about moving your muscles around. Being in a challenging situation causes brain growth. 

The Obstacle Course puts you in a constant challenging situation where you are forced to approach the race in a strategic and methodiacl manner if you want to finish the race.


6. Helps to overcome real life obstacles.

The obstacles on the Obstacle Course symbolises the obstacles you face in your everyday life.

The best way to prepare yourself for unforseen inevitable challenges you will face in life is to put yourself in challenging situations and learn how to overcome them.

Getting used to overcome obstacles will make you stronger, more confident, and just a damn awesome human being in general.

7. It gives you purpose.

Having the opportunity to participate in a OCR gives you something to look forward to and be exited about...especially in this pandemic.

8. It makes people happy.

It is scientificly proven that people that are fit and have a healthy lifestyle are happier, more successful and pleasant to hang out with.